Areas of Impact

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  • Social Integration

    Arpegio actively works to provide access to cultural education to students and families from every socioeconomic class. Group ensembles form the core of our organization, each providing a space where members grow and develop not only from their musical training, but also from exposure to and collaboration with other musicians from outside their typical social spheres.

  • Artistic Development

    Students are individually encouraged in their private lessons to express themselves, to self-critique, and to feel confident performing in front of others. Teamwork is fostered in Arpegio’s orchestras, choirs and group ensembles. Members learn to evaluate their work as a group, to listen to each other and to blend together to create a unified sound.

  • Personal Development

    Making music provides a new perspective for youth, an escape from the negative influences (such as violence, poverty and drug abuse) that plague today’s society. Furthermore, music education is a rigorous process that involves dedication, perseverance, and sensitivity. Students naturally develop their intellectual capacity, patience, creativity, commitment and an appreciation for beauty and meaning in the arts. Advanced students give back what they have learned, often leading classes within the academy, and those who wish to pursue a career in music are able to enter professional ensembles, as well as receive support should they choose continue studies outside of Trujillo.

  • One Comunity

    Each musician plays a unique and indispensable role in the makeup of the orchestra. This demands respect and solidarity between members, as well as gives them a sense of responsibility and belonging, Arpegio parents attend concerts and classes, build relationships with professors and students, and form part of the music community.